"20 fears of the Rich and Famous" joke

All my money is an electronic blip.
Someone will realize that I am overpayed.
They will find out that I am only a parasite, but I make to much to give it up.
There are more of them than us.
I need to make as much as I can as quickly as I can while this opportunity lasts.
They may stop thinking that they are inferior.
God gave me my money, so no one has the right to take it away
There are so many more of them than us.
You can't trust politicians, they will take your money and still raise your taxes.
My lawyer is stealing from me.
My employees are stealing from me.
My chideren are stealing from me.
The Russians may go Communist again.
They might realize that no one controls the economy.
The Market will crash, and I won't be short.
Ralph Nader is running for President.
The Chinese may go Communist again.
There are so many more of them than us.
My kids will grow up gay and take Negro lovers.
There are so many more of them than us !!!

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