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    Munna bhai: Yeh doctor log operation karne se pehle Patient ko behosh kyun karte hain?

    Circuit: Bolay to patient khud operation karna seekh na le is liye……

    Here's a story, that actually did happen.
    On July 2nd 1982, Larry Walters, a truck driver from North Hollywood, California, fulfilled a life-long dream. While visiting some friends in San Pedro, Ca., he attached 45 weather balloons and several gallon jugs of water to a lawn chair, tethered it to the ground, and filled the balloons with helium. Then, equipped with a parachute, a large bottle of soda, a hand-held citizen's band radio, and an air pistol, he had his friends cut the tethers.
    Larry's lawn chair, the "Inspiration I", immediately and unexpectedly shot up to an elevation of 16,000 feet, and then began drifting east, eventually over the Long Beach airport, where he was spotted by two airliner pilots, who reported to the tower "a guy in a lawn chair" drifting by.
    Larry attempted to land by shooting out some of the balloons with his air pistol, but lost it overboard before he could affect a rapid decent. He then broadcast a mayday on his radio, more...

    Munna Bhai:- a Circuit, apun k mind me 1 laucha chal rela he, ye Bagla 1 tang utha k kae ko sota he?
    Circuit:- aray simple Bhai, bolay to agar Bagla dosri tang b utha lega to gir jai ga.. .

    A fail-safe circuit will destroy others.

    It's common practice in England to ring a telephone by signaling extra voltage across one side of the two wire circuit and ground (earth in England). When the subscriber answers the phone, it switches to the two wire circuits for the conversation. This method allows two parties on the same line to be signaled without disturbing each other.
    Anyway, an elderly lady with several pets called to say that her telephone failed to ring when her friends called; and that on the few occasions when it did ring her dog always barked first.
    The repairman proceeded to the scene, curious to see this psychic dog. He climbed a nearby telephone pole, hooked in his test set, and dialed the subscriber's house. The phone didn't ring. He tried again. The dog barked loudly, followed by a ringing telephone. Climbing down from the pole, the repair man found:
    A dog was tied to the telephone system's ground post via an iron chain and collar.
    The dog was receiving 90 volts of signaling more...

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