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    My so-called liberal mother is really such a prude," the high school cheerleader sadly told her locker partner. "She said that I could only pet with my dates if they didn't touch me below the waist."

    "Oh, that's too bad," her schoolmate commiserated. "What do you intend to do about it?"

    "Well," the cheerleader giggled, "the first thing I'm going to do is learn to stand on my head."

    Michael Irvin was complaining to Calvin Williams about his first trip to the Super Bowl and how hard it was to get any sleep the night before the big game. "I was awakened at one, two and four in the morning by a drunk cheerleader banging on the door and screaming," he recalled.
    "That's terrible," said Williams. "How'd you ever get any sleep?"
    "At five o'clock I finally unlocked the door and let her out," replied Irvin.

    When I went to school I was the head cheerleader.
    "Did you learn the 3 R's?"
    "Indeed. RAh! Rah! Rah!"

    whats the difference between a cheerleader and trash?
    Trash gets taken out more often

    What do you call Blonde Black Blonde Black Blonde Black?
    answer: a cheerleader doing cartwheels

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