Anna's Jokes


"Dude, she just called - " "You know what? I don't care what she called me. I've moved on!" "No, dude, she just called you: 'You have one missed call'..." "..."

"Dude, she just called - " "The joke's over. Go home."

"Dude, she just called you short/gay/awkward/posh/hobo/geek/nerd/lazy/ninja!" "OH, HELL NO! Hold this machine which allows me to take the form of whatever sterotype that girl thinks of!"

"Dude, she just called you lazy!" "OH, HELL NO! Go tell her I'm not."

"Dude, she just called you a geek!" "OH, HELL NO! Hold my bag, thermos flask, glasses case, protractor, scientific calculator, built-in GPS, time-machine, iPhone and name tag!"

"Dude, she just called you a nerd!" "OH, HELL NO!" "Well? Aren't you going to ask me to hold anything?" "No; I think it unwise to provoke the female who is so insistent to insult every predicament about my person/ Good day."

"Dude, she just called you a hobo!" "OH, HELL NO! Hold my... well, this is awkward."