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    "Dude, she just called you a geek!" "OH, HELL NO! Hold my bag, thermos flask, glasses case, protractor, scientific calculator, built-in GPS, time-machine, iPhone and name tag!"

    Apple has issued an alert to iPhone users that the phones may overheat if exposed to high tempertaures, if worn in pockets of tight clothes, or if users download pics of Megan Fox.

    15 iBank app tracks how many organs you'll need to sell to pay off the cost of it.

    14 Keeps popping up messages give you the address of someone named Sara Conner.

    13 Reassurance Generator application continually reminds you that you are indeed smarter *and* cooler than a Windows user.

    12 Continuous GPS monitoring of Paris Hilton.

    11 When the new iPhone model comes out in four months, you can put this one under the short leg of a table to make it perfectly level.

    10 Renders certain other hand-held devices inoperable with "Blackberry Jam" feature.

    9 Flipped upside down, it doubles as a Fleshlight.

    8 Plus: Beatles ringtones put money in Paul McCartney's pocket.
    Minus: Beatles ringtones put money in Yoko Ono's pocket.

    7 Tghe toiuchsxcreenb keytpadf isd reaslklyt accuyraterf abnd eadsy toi usre.

    6 Comes pre-loaded with naked pictures of Peter Jackson, Kevin Smith and the cast more...

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