"Side Effects" joke

A recent news story detailed a medical implant which offers women the chance to experience orgasms with the press of a button. Tiny electrodes are implanted into the spine and a small signal generator in the skin close to the groin. The patient then controls the sensation with a handheld remote.

--- Side Effects of the New Orgasm Implant:

~ Dramatic increase in the number of women seen hanging out at Radio Shack.

~ Cosmopolitan magazine folds due to a drastic shortage of orgasm related headlines.

~ Dad: now surfs with two remotes Mom: never complains

~ She never wants to cuddle anymore -- it's click, click, click, and she's out the door.

~ Thanks to a malfunctioning garage door opener, you're looking at $600 bucks to fix the hole your wife kicked in the dashboard of your SUV.

~ The Energizer Bunny keeps coming and coming...

~ "Not tonight, Honey. I have a thumbache."

~ Finally, size really doesn't matter.

~ "I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I wasn't paying attention... I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I wasn't paying attention... I'm sorry..."

~ Every time your cell phone rings, you feel the uncontrollable urge to shout your surgeon's name.

~ Side effects? Who cares about... oh... oh... OH, GOD! YESSSSSS!!!!

~ In addition to "Mute" and "Favorite," the wildly popular Ultimate
Universal Remote now has a new button: "Big O."

~ Men no longer feel any responsibility toward satisfying their partner... errr, never mind.

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