"Occupational description" joke

Barry and Thomas found themselves out of a job when the underwear factory in town shut down. But their boss said they could go to the LSU office, you know, the Louisiana State Unemployment office.

So as Thomas waited, Barry sat down at the desk and was interviewed by the woman at the desk.

"And what was your former occupation?" she asked.

"Me, I was a crotch stitcher. I specialised in ladies' underpants." Barry proudly replied.

So the lady looks it up in her big book and say, "OK, you're eligible for $50 a week."

"Hot damn, you mean I don't gotta do nothin' and I can get $50 a week. Man, that even beats crawfishin'!" Barry shouted.

Then Thomas sat down and the lady asked him the same question. Thomas looked her straight in the eye and said, "I was a diesel fitter."

She looked up in her big book again and said "Very good then, you're eligible for $100 a week in unemployment benefits."

"WAIT A HOT DAMN MINUTE!" Barry shouted. "How come he gets $100 a week, and me, I only get $50. I told you I used to be a crotch stitcher; you know you gotta be real good to do that kind of work so the seams are all nice a straight and smooth so nothing scratches you down there. And Thomas here, he's only a diesel fitter. And he's gonna make twice than I'm making?"

"Oh," the lady replied, "but he's a skilled labourer with an education. Diesel fitters are in high demand especially by oilfields and heavy equipment users. There's not many diesel specialists around."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, lady," Barry continued, "you got it all wrong. Yeah, Thomas's a diesel fitter, all right. But what that means is that after I do all the fine work on the ladies' drawers, he picks them up, looks' em over and stretches them this way and that, and then says,' Yep, dese'll fit her!'"

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