"Number of The Beast" joke

OK, we all know that 666 is the Number of the Beast. But did you know about...

660 Approximate number of the Beast

DCLXVI Roman numeral of the Beast

666. 0000 Number of the High Precision Beast

0. 666 Number of the Millibeast

/ 666 Beast Common Denominator

(-666) ^ (1/2) Imaginary number of the Beast

6. 66 e3 Floating point Beast

1010011010 Binary of the Beast

6, uh... what was that number again? Number of the Blonde Beast

1-666 Area code of the Beast

00666 Zip code of the Beast

666mph The speed limit of the Beast

$665. 95 Retail price of the Beast

$699. 25 Price of the Beast plus 5% state sales tax

$769. 95 Price of the Beast with all accessories

$656. 66 Walmart price of the Beast

$646. 66 Next week's Walmart price of the Beast

Phillips 666 Gasoline of the Beast

Route 666 Way of the Beast

666 F Oven temperature for roast Beast

666k Retirement plan of the Beast

666 mg Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast

6. 66 % 5 year CD interest rate at First Beast of Hell National Bank, $666 minimum deposit.

$666/hr Beast's lawyer's billing rate

Lotus 6-6-6 Spreadsheet of the Beast

Word 6. 66 Word Processor of the Beast

i66686 CPU of the Beast

666i BMW of the Beast

DSM-666 (revised) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast

1232 Octal, Apt. 29A Beast's hexed address

668 Next-door neighbor of the Beast

333 The semi-Christ

665. 9997856 The Number of the Beast on a Pentium

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had a terrible passion for baked beans.
He loved them, but they always had an embarrassing and somewhat lively reaction
on him. One day he met a girl and fell in love. When it was apparent that they
would marry, he thought to more...


Person 1: Knock, Knock
Person 2: Who's there?
Person 1: Cows go.
Person 2: Cows go who?
Person 1: No, silly! Cows go moo!


A very attractive lady goes up to a bar in a quiet rural pub. She gestures alluringly to the bartender who comes over immediately. When he arrives, she seductively signals that he should bring his face closer to hers. When he does, she begins to gently caress his full more...


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.


A cop pulled a guy over for speeding at which time the following conversation was exchanged:
Cop: May I see your driver's license?

Driver: Sorry, I don't have one. It was suspended when I got my 5th DUI.

Cop: May I see the owner's card for the more...

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