"For that 100-point headache" joke

Copied from Houston Chronicle Columnist, Jim Barlow.
Department of Unusual Marketing: Johnson & Johnson has a continuing contract with a number of Web sites devoted to the stock market. When the stock market falls by at least 100 points, banner ads for the company's headache remedies appear on the sites.
News Releases I Never Got Around to Finishing: "The recent U.S. presidential election left a number of people wondering if their vote really counts. But with GetMusic's new music video voting tool, Hot or Not, every vote matters. Launching today on GetMusic.com (www.get-music.com)... "
Job Title of the Month: A Build-A-Bear Workshop is a retail chain that allows customers to design their very own stuffed bear. Maxine Clark is Chief Executive Bear.
And speaking of animals, The You're Probably Not Surprised Award to rapper Snoop Dogg's new venture, a porn video called Doggystyle. While the Dogg performs in the video, he keeps his clothes on.
Our Say What? Award to this news release:
"Following the introduction of Adobe® After Effects® 5.0, Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) today announced that it has acquired the plug-in technology from Cycore Cult Effects (TM) and Atomic Power Evolution (TM).
Adobe After Effects 5.0 is the first Adobe software application to incorporate this plug-in technology that is used to create eye-catching visual effects."
And I had to take math and science classes in college. The Chicago-based Institute for International Education offers a course called Deconstructing Contemporary Irish Urban Landscapes. It consists of visiting Irish pubs.

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