"Duck Season Opening Day" joke

Joe and Obie went hunting every year on opening day of duck season. This year, they decided to borrow a neighbor's retriever, a dog named Buck, so they wouldn't have to wade out after any birds that fell into the lake when they shot them.

They had good luck that day and bagged several plump ducks. Whenever a duck fell into the water, either Joe or Obie would send Buck out after it. And each time the dog went after a downed duck, he would pause momentarily at the water's edge. Then Buck would trot calmly across the surface of the lake to retrieve the bird.

This unusual performance always caused Joe and Obie to glance wide-eyed at each other and shake their heads in wonder.

At the end of the day, Joe and Obie drove back by way of the neighbor's home to return Buck and thank the retriever's owner for the loan.

"Did the dog do a good job?" asked its owner.

"Yes," said Joe, "he brought in all the ducks that fell into the lake."

"Great," said the dog's owner, "but did you notice anything special about Buck?"

"Well, we didn't want to mention it," said Obie, "but we saw that you taught him just about everything a dog needs to know about duck hunting, excepting how to swim."

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