"Barkley Moons TV Audience" joke

Former NBA superstar Charles Barkley will reportedly undergo a televised colonoscopy. Given his girth, the procedure will be a ten-part mini-series. Ron Artest recently had a colonoscopy, during which doctors finally found his head.

Two Jewish men are sitting in a wonderful deli frequented almost exclusively by Jews in the Jewish section of town. They are talking amongst themselves in Yiddish. A Chinese waiter comes up and in fluent impeccable Yiddish asks them if everything is okay, can he get them more...


Why did Hitler commit suicide?
- He got his gas bill


Two Arab fathers are showing each other their family photos. One shows the other a picture and says "This is my oldest, he is a martyr. This is my second oldest, he is also a martyr." The other Arab father just sighs and says "Ahh, they blow up so quickly these more...


TNT analyst Charles Barkley is taking a leave of absence from the broadcast chair. The chair is thrilled.


I have this posted over my desk. I don’t know who the original author is, but I always found this quote remarkable for coming to grips with unjust and nasty criticism:

A courtier told the Emperor Constantine that a mob had broken the head of his statues with stones. more...

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