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    A group of youngsters were on a field trip to their local police station. While there they noticed a bulletin board with pictures of the ten most wanted criminals. One youngster pointed to one of the photos and asked if it was really a picture of a wanted criminal.
    "It sure is," said the officer. "We want to capture him very badly."
    "Then why didn't you just keep him when you took his picture?" asked the youngster.

    I heard this from my uncle John Herbert. You can't offend anyone with it.
    A telephone sales person makes a call to an unknown prospect and
    a very small, very soft, very quiet, and obviously young person
    answers the phone.
    Sales person: Hello, may I speak to the man of the house please?
    Youngster: (whispering) No, he's busy.
    Sales person: Well then, can I please speak to your mother?
    Youngster: (in a whisper) She's busy too.
    Sales person: I see, how about your brother? Can I speak to him?
    Youngster: (whispering) No. He's busy too.
    Sales person: (losing patience) Is your sister there? Can I talk to her?
    Youngster: (in a whisper) She's busy too.
    Sales person: ( by now quite exasperated) What are all these people
    doing that keeps them so busy?!!!
    Youngster: (still whispering) Looking for me.

    A youngster devoted an entire rainy indoors afternoon to adrawing he was doing with varicolored crayons. His motherfinally looked over his shoulder, and, puzzled, asked "Who'sthat you're drawing, son?"The son answered, "God.""Don't be silly," reproved the mother. "Nobody knows what Godlooks like."Not even pausing in his task, the son announced calmly,"They will when I'm finished!"

    The 12-Year-Old Boy Stood Patiently Beside The Clock Counter While The Store Clerk Waited On All Of The Adult Customers. Finally He Got Around To The Youngster, Who Made His Purchase And Hurried Out To The Curb, Where His Father Was Impatiently Waiting In His Car.

    "What Took You So Long, Son?" He Asked.

    "The Man Waited On Everybody In The Store Before Me," The Boy Replied. "But I Got Even."


    "I Wound And Set All The Alarm Clocks While I Was Waiting," The Youngster Explained Happily. "It's Going To Be Fun At Six o'clock."

    A youngster drew a Christmas scene that showed Santa, sleigh and reindeer.
    There were the regular eight and Rudolph plus a strange looking tenth animal.
    The addition looked like a cross between a reindeer and a cow with a green
    nose. The youngster explained that it was. . . Olive, the udder reindeer.
    The same creative youngster drew a nativity scene in Sunday school. In addition
    to the normal contingent of characters, there were three very tiny men wearing
    crowns. He explained that they were. . . wee three kings from the Orient.
    His baby Jesus was sleeping on a scale, his. . . a weigh in the manger.
    The last bit of creativity showed three robed men standing in a flower bed
    under a ftill moon. They were. . . the shepherds who watched their Phlox by

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