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    A customs agent stopped an old Jewish man who had just immigrated to Israel and asked him to open his two suitcases.

    In the first suitcase he found over a million dollars in one dollar bills. "Excuse me, sir" he asked the old gentleman, "where did you get all this money?"

    "Vell, I'll tell you," the old man began, "for many years, I traveled all around America, I stopped at all of the public rest rooms in all the major cities; I vent to New York, then I vent to Chicago, then I vent to San Francisco. I vent into all the stalls here the men were spiriting and I say' Give me a dollar for Israel or I'll cut off your testicles vit my knife.'"

    "That's quite a story," the customs agent said, "what's in the second suitcase?"

    "Vell, you know," said the old man, shaking his head, "not everyone likes to give..."

    It was the night before Christmas, when all through the trailer park
    Not a pop-top was poppin', not even Ole Blue barked.
    Our stockin's was hung over the space heater with care,
    In hopes Santy would fill' em with Viennas and beer.

    The kids was alseep in their NASCAR pj's,
    Dreamin' of Goo Goo Clusters, Moon pies, and RC's.
    And Earlene in her curlers and me in my John Deere cap
    Had just settled into our La-Z-Boys for Wheel of Fourtune and a nap.

    Then out in the vacent lot I heard such a commotion
    I thought it was neighbor Clyde, finally got his T'bird in motion.
    I heaved out of my recliner and to the window I flew,
    Busted out the screen and hollered for Blue.

    The moon was shinin' down on my old wrecked cars
    So bright they was sparklin' like rusty old stars.
    And I couldn't believe my own hardworking eyes
    When a jacked up Ford pickup come flyin' through the sky!

    Faster'n Ole Ironhead hs more...

    Frog blast the vent core!

    Three Jewish men arrive in New York from Europe, and decide to meet again in 20 years to see how they all made out in America.
    20 years pass...
    The first man asks the second, "So, nu? How'd you do?" He replies: Vell, you know...ven I came to this country I had no idea vhat to do with myself to make a livink. So I looked at my last name. Goldstein. So I vent into the gold business. And oy, did I make a FORTUNE!"
    He turns to the next man and asks, "So nu, how 'bout you?"
    He says "Vell, like you I had no idea vhat I vas going to do in this vast country to make a livink, so I too, looked to my last name. Silverberg. So I vent into silver. And oy, did I make a fortune!"
    So they both turn to the last man and say, "And you? Vat happened to you?"
    So the third man said, "Vell, I too had no idea how I vas to make a living here in America, so I looked at my last name. Taylor. I said, das no good. I never make money as a more...

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