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    The South Carolina State Police received reports of illegal cock fights being held out in the parish near Goose Creek, and duly dispatched Detective Thibideaux to investigate. Thibideaux reported to his sergeant the next morning.

    "Dey is tree main groups in dis cock fightin," Thibideaux began.

    "Good work Thibideaux! Who dey be?" the sergeant asked. Thibideaux replied confidently, "De Polacks, de Cajuns, and de Mafia."

    Puzzled, the sergeant asked, "How you find dat out in one night?"

    "Well," said Thibideaux, "I went down and done seed dat cock fight,I knowed de Polacks was involved whan a duck was entered in de fight."

    The sergeant nodded. "Oh yeah, l see dat, but what' bout de others?"

    Thibideaux intoned knowingly, "Well, I knowed de Cajuns was involved whan sumbody bet on de duck."

    "Ah," sighed the sergeant. "Dat more...

    Day 1 Dear Boudreaux, Thanks for de bird in de Pear tree. I fix it
    las' night with dirty rice. I doan tink de pear tree will grow
    in the swamp, so I swap it for a Satsuma.

    Day 2 Dear Boudreaux, You letter say you sent two turtle doves, but
    all I got was two scrawny pigeons. Anyway, I mixed dem with
    andouille an made some gumbo out of dem.

    Day 3 Dear Boudreaux, Why doan you sent some crawfish? I'm tired of
    eating dem darn birds. I gave two of dose prissy French chickens
    to Marie Trahan over at Grans Bayou an fed the tird one to my dog,
    Phideaux. Marie needed some sparring partners for her fighting rooster.

    Day 4 Dear Boudreaux, Mon Dieux! I tol you no more dem darn birds. Deez
    four, what you call dem "calling birds" were so noisy you could hear dem
    all de way to Napoleonville. I used dere necks for my crab traps, an
    fed de rest of dem to de gators.

    Day 5 Dear Boudreaux, You finally more...

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