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    Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

    Since history was recorded, male human beings have built whole cultures around the idea that penis-envy is "natural" to women -though having such an unprotected organ might be said to make men more vulnerable, and the power to give birth makes womb-envy at least logical. In short, logic has nothing to do with it. What would happen, for instance, if suddenly, magically, men could menstruate and women could not? The answer is clear - menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event:
    Men would brag about how long and how much.
    Boys would mark the onset of menses, that longed-for proof of manhood, with religious ritual and stag parties.
    The US Congress would fund a National Institute of Dysmenorrhea to help stamp out monthly discomforts.
    Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. (Of course, some men would still pay for the prestige of commercial brands such as John Wayne Tampons, Muhammed Ali's Rope-a-dope Pads, Joe Namath Jock more...

    Barker's Proof: Proofreading is more effective after publication.

    Proof by example:
    The author gives only the case n = 2 and suggests that it contains most of the ideas of the general Proof.
    Proof by intimidation:
    Proof by vigorous handwaving:
    Works well in a classroom or seminar setting.
    Proof by cumbersome notation:
    Best done with access to at least four alphabets and special symbols.
    Proof by exhaustion:
    An issue or two of a journal devoted to your Proof is useful.
    Proof by omission:
    'The reader may easily supply the details'
    "The other 253 cases are analogous"
    Proof by obfuscation:
    A long plotless sequence of true and/or meaningless syntactically related statements.
    Proof by wishful citation:
    The author cites the negation, converse, or generalization of a theorem from the literature to support his claims.
    Proof by funding:
    How could three different government agencies be wrong?
    Proof by eminent authority:
    "I saw more...

    Why is there no proof? She swallowed the evidence.

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