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    In the days of the Wild West, there was a young cowboy who wanted more than anything to be the greatest gunfighter in the world. He practiced every minute of his spare time, but he knew that he wasn't yet first-rate and that there must be something he was doing wrong.
    One Saturday night, as he was sitting in the saloon, he recognized an elderly man seated at the bar who had the reputation of being the fastest gun in the West in his day.
    The young cowboy took the seat next to the old-timer, bought him a drink, and told him the story of his great ambition.
    "Could you possibly give me some tips?" he asked.
    The old man looked him up and down and said, "Well, for one thing, you're wearing your gun too high. Tie the holster a little lower down on your leg."
    "Will that make me a better gunfighter?" asked the young man.
    "Yep, sure will," said the old-timer.
    The young man did as he was told, stood up, whipped out his .44 and more...

    Boudreaux dies and goes to hell. The devil visits him and asks, "How do you like hell, Boudreaux?"
    Boudreaux sits there smiling and says, "It's very nice, thank you, like a June day in Louisiana." The devil frowns, turns up the dial a notch, and leaves. He comes back the next day and says, "How do you like hell now, Boudreaux?"
    Boudreaux looks at him and says, "Not bad. Just like a July day in Louisiana." The devil curses and cranks it up another notch. He comes back the next day and says, "How do you like it now?"
    Boudreaux says, "Poo-ya-iee cher! Just like an August day in Louisiana." The devil thinks a minute, then cranks the dial all the way down to zero. He comes back the next day, snow is falling, ice is everywhere and Boudreaux is sitting there shivering. "Now what do you say Boudreaux?"
    "The Saints must have won the Superbowl!"

    Real programmers don't notch their desks for each completed service request.

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