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    6. 00& G-Had TV. Morning prayers.
    8. 30 Talitubbies. Talitubbies say "Ah-ah". Dipsy and Tinky-Winky repair a Stinger missile launcher.
    9. 00 Shouts of Praise. More prayers.
    11. 00 Jihad`s Army. The Kandahar-on-Sea battalion repulse another attack by evil, imperialist, Zionist backed infidels.
    12. 00 Ready, Steady, Jihad! Celebrities make lethal devices out of everyday objects.
    12. 30 Panoramadan. The programme reports on Americas attempts to take over the world.
    13. 30 Xena: Modestly dressed Housewife. Xena stays at home and does some cooking.
    14. 00 Only Fools and Camels. Dhal-Boy offloads some Chinese rocket launchers to Hamas.
    14. 30 Green Peter. The total of Kalashnikovs bought by the milk bottle top appeal is revealed.
    15. 00 Madrasah Challenge. Two more Islamic colleges meet. Bambah Kaskhain asks the questions.`Starter for ten, no praying.`
    15. 30 I Love 629. A look back at the events of the year, including the more...

    Congressman Virgil Goode (R-Idiot-VA) sent out a letter to constituents that unless immigration is tightened, "many more Muslims" will be elected and will use the Koran at their ceremonial swearing-in.
    Congressmen should be free to swear-in on books that reflect their deeply held beliefs. As a result, incoming representatives will now have their choice of swearing in on either the Bible, the Koran or a stack of back issues of Barely Legal.
    You can tell Congessman Goode is an experienced politician. He was able to execute the difficult political maneuver of trashing both open immigration and religious freedom in one letter - a feat that earned him a 9.75 from the international panel of judges (after you throw out North Korea's high score of a perfect 10.0).

    Memo to Congressman Goode: Last time we checked it's called The Statue of Liberty, not The Statue of Circumscribed Freedoms.

    Tow Somali burglars broke into a house.
    They heard the morning Azan (prayer calls) while stealing. One of them says: "Hurry up, we have to pray!".
    The other unintentionally drops the Koran.
    His friend yells out: "Damn it, what did you do?" Bang!... bang! He shoots him on the spot!

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