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    The average Englishman, in his home he calls his castle, puts on his national costume - A shabby Raincoat patented by Charles MacIntosh of Glasgow, Scotland. He drives a car fitted with tyres invented by John Boyd Dunlop of Dreghorn, Scotland. At the office he receives his mail with adhesive stamps which, although they bear the queen of England`s head, were invented by John Chambers of Dundee, Scotland. During the day he uses the telephone, Invented by Alexander Graham Bell of Edinburgh, Scotland. At home in the evening he watches his daughter ride her bicycle, invented by Kilpatrick MacMillan, A Blacksmith from Dumfries, Scotland. He watches the news on television which was invented by John Logie Baird of Helensburough Scotland and hears an item about the U.S. Navy founded by John Paul Jones of Kirkbean, Scotland. He has now been reminded too much of Scotland, and in desperation picks up the Bible, only to find that the first man mentioned in the good book is a Scot - King James VI - more...

    Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. "What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders? " the one asked. The second replied, "Well, they were both founded by Spaniards -- St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy -- the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants." "What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?" "Met any Albigensians lately?"

    The country called the Land of Rising Sun is Japan
    Mount Everest was named after Sir George Everest
    The volcano Vesuvias is located in Italy
    The country known as the Suger Bowl of the world is Cuba
    The length of the Suez Canal is 162.5 kilometres
    The lowest point on earth is the coastal area of Dead Sea
    The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of Nepal
    The largest ocean of the world is the Pacific ocean
    The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow
    The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium, Prague
    The world's largest diamond producing country is South Africa
    Australia was discovered by James Cook
    The first Governor General of Pakistan is Mohammed Ali Jinnah
    Dublin is situated at the mouth of River Liffey
    The earlier name of New York city was New Amsterdam
    The Eiffel tower was more...

    REDMOND, Wash. - June 1, 2001 - In direct response to the recent decision handed down by the Court of Appeals agreeing with the decision of the lower court on the case presented by the Department of Justice, Microsoft Corp. announced today that it will be acquiring the federal government of the United States of America for an undisclosed sum.
    "It's actually a logical extension of our planned growth", Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said. "It really is going to be a positive arrangement for everyone."
    Microsoft representatives held a briefing in the oval office of the White House with U.S. President George Bush, and assured members of the press that changes will be "minimal". The United States will be managed as a wholly owned division of Microsoft.
    An initial public offering is planned for July of next year, and the federal government is expected to be profitable by "Q4 2002 at the latest", according to Microsoft President Steve more...

    A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.

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