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There once was a magical bridge. A wise man told a blonde, brunette, and a red head that if they ran across it and wished to be any thing it would happen. So the next day all three of them went to the bridge. The red head went first. "I wish I was a dove!" and poof she turned into a dove. Next went the brunette. "I wish I was a dolphin!" and poof she turned into a dolphin. Next came the blonde. She ran as fast as she could and said "I wish I was....she noticed her shoelace was untied and said "CRAP!" and she turned into crap.

What did the baby dolphin do when he didn't get his way? He whale-d

A man walks into a bar with a dolphin in his ear
The bar man, surprised, says, hey mate, you got a dolphin in your ear
the man replies, Whaaaat? you’ll have to speak up, ive got a dolphin in my ear.

While shopping at the grocery store, I noticed that the tuna packed in spring water was labeled dolphin safe, but the tuna packed in oil was not.
I mentioned this fact to the blonde cashier and mused out loud, "I wonder why?"
The blonde replied, "Must be because the oil would suffocate them."

The world's tallest man saved the life of a dolphin by sticking his hand down it's throat and cleaning debris from it's stomach. Normally the dolphin would have been seen by someone more experienced with the procedure, but Nicole Ritchie was unavailable.

Why did the dolphin feel crabby? Because he ate too many crabs!

How could the dolphin afford to buy a house? He prawned everything!