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    1) Pretend to be one of the Bush family. Doesn't matter which.
    2) Have an uncontrollable lusting for someone new every five minutes.
    3) Pretend to be from different ethnic backgrounds every hour, and when people ask you about it, answer like a hillbilly would.
    4) Act like a hillbilly. Period.
    5) Improvise Italian operas.
    6) Gossip about someone to their face.
    7) Answer every question with a question.
    8) Repeat yourself constantly.
    9) Act like a member of the opposite sex.
    10) Repeat yourself constantly.
    11) Act like Mr. Flanders from The Simpsons.
    12) Repeat yourself constantly.
    13) Change what you repeat every now and then.
    14) Use homonyms in your e-male that the spell cheque would knot sea as miss steaks.
    15) Change what you repeat every now and then.
    16) Talk to someone while looking at somebody else.
    17) Employ in your casual banter extensive vocabulary that will befuddle thy contemporaries.
    18) Change what you more...

    I wish I knew who came up with this one! I skewers elements of the famous "San Francisco" culture...
    Zelda and Jane were given a rottweiler at their commitment ceremony. If their dog needs to be walked two miles a day and they walk at a rate of 3/4 mile per hour, how much time will they spend discussing their relationship in public?
    Michael has two abusive stepfathers and an alcoholic mother. If his self-esteem is reduced by 20% per dysfunctional parent, but Michael feels 3% better for every person he denigrates, how long will it take before he's ready to go home if 1 person walks by the cafe every 2 minutes?
    Sanjeev has 7 piercings. If the likelihood of getting cellulitis on any given day is 10% per piercing, what is the likelihood Sanjeev will need to renew his erythromycin prescription during the next week?
    Chad wants to take half a pound of pot to Orinda and sell it at a 20% profit. If it originally cost him $1,500 in food stamps, how much should Nicole more...

    You Know You're Addicted to Caffeine When...
    1.) You haven't slept since the Clinton Administration.
    2.) Your next-door neighbors often call to complain about the sound of your chattering teeth.
    3.) Instead of Tic Tacs, you suck on Vivarin.
    4.) You plan to name your twins "Cappuccino" and "Espresso."
    5.) On the way to work you get pulled over for speeding and you don't even have your car.
    6.) You kill a guy for trying to switch your regular coffee to decaffeinated Folgers.
    7.) You wake up in the middle of the night screaming "Pepsi! For the love of God, I need Pepsi!"
    8.) When a Maxwell House commercial comes on, you actually lick the TV screen.
    9.) You drink so much coffee it starts shooting out your ears.
    10.) You're shaking like Michael Jackson on his wedding night.
    11.) You think sleep is for the weak.
    12.) You've just had your 20th cup of coffee within 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, more...

    Do you want to know if you suffer from "Alertness Deficit Disorder" (ADD)? Then just take this simple quiz. These questions will help us to determine whether or not you suffer from this terrible affliction; the only known cure for which is caffeine. ADD takes the lives of millions of Americans, hundreds of Canadians, and a handful of Ugandans every year. If that doesn't scare you, let's just say that you are more susceptible than anyone else. YES, YOU! If you suffer from this disease, missing just one trip to Starbucks could be FATAL. The following series of Yes/No questions will allow us to determine your Addiction Factor(TM). Keep track of the number of Yes and No answers you get and chart yourself at the end. Remember: Prevention is the best medicine. Or was it laughter? Either way, read on. 1. Do you use coffee to escape from your problems? 2. Do you eat spoonfuls of instant coffee because it's easier? 3. Have you ever woken up in a puddle of your own coffee? 4. Do you more...

    Has someone told you a joke that you find isn't very funny? Do the following and it should be much more interesting:1) Eat nothing but candy for the next two days. Chocolate and marshmallows work best.
    2) Take a caffeine pill every 4-6 hours. Do not swallow with water, use pink lemonade.
    3) Search the internet for pictures of penguins, monkeys, platypuses, or other amusing animals.
    4) Make a recording of several coffee grinders on at once.
    5) After being hopped up on sugar and cocaine, lock yourself in a bright room and play your tape of coffee grinders. Start this at noon.
    6) At 7:00 the next morning (Don't fall asleep!) Have someone repeat the joke that you found to not be funny. Also, make them dress up like the amusing animal you found pictures of.
    7)Now, you should be so tired and so hopped up on sugar and caffeine that your friend's joke will be funny. Heck, this joke might even me funny!:-)

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