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    A Haryana Jat who had been irritated by his failure to answer any of the riddles put to him by a clever bania said angrily:' All right, now you answer this riddle: What is hung on a wall, is red, drips and speaks?'
    After a while the bania admitted he did not know the answer.
    'It is a picture!', said the Jat triumphantly.
    'A picture? It can be hung on a wall but it is not always red,' protested the bania.
    'Then paint it red.'
    A picture doesn't drip; its dry,' protested the bania again.
    'Put fresh paint on it and it will drip.'' But whoever heard of a picture talk!'
    'That's right!', replied the Jat,' I added that to make sure a cunning bania like you would not get the answer.'

    Two men were involved in an angry argument. One was a burly sardarji; the other a frail bania. The sardarji' who was getting the worst of the argument, lost his temper and slapped the bania.
    'Did you hit me in anger or did you do it in mazaak (jest)?' demanded the bania.
    'Of course I slapped you in anger,' roared the sardarji.
    'That's all right,' replied the bania,' because I don't like to be made mazaak of.'

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