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    A Haryana Jat who had been irritated by his failure to answer any of the riddles put to him by a clever bania said angrily:' All right, now you answer this riddle: What is hung on a wall, is red, drips and speaks?'
    After a while the bania admitted he did not know the answer.
    'It is a picture!', said the Jat triumphantly.
    'A picture? It can be hung on a wall but it is not always red,' protested the bania.
    'Then paint it red.'
    A picture doesn't drip; its dry,' protested the bania again.
    'Put fresh paint on it and it will drip.'' But whoever heard of a picture talk!'
    'That's right!', replied the Jat,' I added that to make sure a cunning bania like you would not get the answer.'

    A HEATED discussion on which communities should be included as OBCs (Other Backward Castes) in keeping with the Mandal Commissions recommendations, was going on.

    A rustic Jat insisted that his community should be counted as a Backward Caste. On being asked the reason, he said:' It is very simple. What is not fore'ward, is backward.'

    A JAT happened to be going to another village, holding his charpoy on his head.

    A tailee (one who grinds oil seeds to extract oil), passing by, remarked;']at re jat, tere sar pe khat.' (Jat, oh Jat, your bed is on your head.)

    Wanting to be one-up, the rustic Jat remarked,' Tailee, re Tailee, tere sar pe kohlu. ' (Tailee, oh Tailee, the oil grinder is on your head.)

    The tailee retorted,' Bid na lagee'. (It doesn't rhyme.)

    The Jat guffawed and replied,' Susre, bojh se to mara!' (So what! you'll die due to the weight on your head!)

    ONE day a bania boy quarrelled with his jat friend and called him bewakoof jat-stupid peasant.

    The jat rewarded him with a light slap across the face. The boy went and complained to his father.

    "You deserved what you got," reprimanded the father, "When you called him a jat you did not have to add bewakoof to it."

    Once a Jat went to Bombay. While passing through a road he saw a very high building. He was amazed to see it, and decided to count its stories. As he was doing so a townsman saw him and tried to befool him. So he approached the Jat and asked, "What are you doing?" When he was told the answer the townsman said that one had to pay two rupees for every storey counted. "How many have you counted?" The Jat said ten and gave the man twenty rupees. Walking away the Jat was very happy to think how he has befooled the other man, for he had counted twenty.

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