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    A JAT happened to be going to another village, holding his charpoy on his head.

    A tailee (one who grinds oil seeds to extract oil), passing by, remarked;']at re jat, tere sar pe khat.' (Jat, oh Jat, your bed is on your head.)

    Wanting to be one-up, the rustic Jat remarked,' Tailee, re Tailee, tere sar pe kohlu. ' (Tailee, oh Tailee, the oil grinder is on your head.)

    The tailee retorted,' Bid na lagee'. (It doesn't rhyme.)

    The Jat guffawed and replied,' Susre, bojh se to mara!' (So what! you'll die due to the weight on your head!)

    2 Sardarjis Looking At Egyptian Mummy.
    Sar 1: Look So Many Bandages, Pakka Lorry Accident Case.
    Sar 2: Aaho, Lorry Number Is Also Written... Bc 1760!!!....

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