moses pouto's Jokes


Maori falla trying to have sex with his girlfriend,
Maori falla " Ohhhh!!! come on babe we been going together for a month now, Pleeeeeeeeeeese!!!?"
Girlfriend " I know i want to to but im frighten something might happen! you know what i mean?"
Maori falla " What if i promise to put only half in, i heard thats safe?"
Girlfriend " Is that true!"
Maori falla "Yep! 100 percent?"
Girlfriend "oohhh!! alright then?"
Maori falla jumps at his chance minutes later he gets carried away and puts it all in.
The girlfriend is starting to get into the rythmn too and shouts out "ooooohhh!!! thats lovely, put it all in pleeeeeese!!!"
Maori falla ..pauses for a sec then answers "Sorry Babe!! a promise is a promise.?"

Three old ladies where walking through the park, when a guy jumped from behind a tree and flashed the old ladies. Two of the old ladies had a massive stroke. The third old lady was very very angry because she missed out, as he disappeared into the bush.

Maori falla sitting in the pub, guy walks in orders a pint.
Maori falla "Hey bro you a pom .. tell by your accent eh!?''
" Yes i am!" replies the pom, " and proud of it to bro?"
Maori falla "Oh! ok then where bouts you from then?''
Pom " From England?"
Maori falla "what part?
Pom "Surrey!"
Maori falla "what part?"
Pom "Surrey!"
Maori falla "Ehhhh!! you know???? the suburb man?"
Pom "Surrey!"
Maori falla "never mind bro your a Pom from England eh!! Cheers mate?"