"Where is John?" joke

Once president BUSH went to a school. After have a brief talk with
the children he asked them if they had any questions to ask him.

One boy raised his hand and stood up.

Bush: whats your name

John: john

Bush: whats your question

Johm: sir I have three questions

1) why did America attack iraq without the approval of UNO

2) where is osama

3) why do America support Pakistan so much

Bush: you are an intelligent student john..(just then the bell for
recess rang).

oh dear students we will continue after the recess is over.

After the recess

Bush: ok children where were we? Yes, so anybody wants to ask any

Peter raises his hand

Bush: Whats your name?

Peter: sir I have 5 questions.

1) why did America attack iraq without the approval of UNO

2) where is osama

3) why do America support Pakistan so much

4) why did recess bell rang 20 mins before the scheduled time

5) where is JOHN?

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[Original Author: Richard Lederer, St Paul's School]
One of the fringe benefits of being an English or History teacher is receiving the occasional jewel of a
student blooper in an essay. I have pasted together the following "history" of the world from more...


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