"What's big and hairy and climbs up " joke

What's big and hairy and climbs up the Empire State Building in a dress? Queen Kong.

One day a guy walked into a pet store to buy a parrot.
He found one that he liked and went up to the counter to buy it. The store clerk saw which parrot he had picked out and said, ''That parrot repeats everything he hears.''
''That's alright,'' the man replied.
So more...


Once there was a blonde that bought a house. she want to name her new house.
so she said "the next thing I hear I will name my house!" so she went down the street and the first thing she heard was "hairy butt"
then she went and bought a dog. and said more...


Q. How can u tell when an Italian plane lands at the airport?
A. It's the one with the hair under its wings!

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