"Wee Ja Mu (Sri Lankan Joke)" joke

In Sri Lanka we have this MP from Hali Ela, (presently minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana) W J M Lokubandara, who Sinhalised his initials to match whatever names he has, so now he is Wee Ja Moo Lokubandara. He had this programme in schools also to doctor initials.

WeeJayMoo once had gone to a school armed with overhead projector OHP) etc, dislodged lady teacher and asked students thier names. Here is a conversation that he had,

Wee Jee Moo: " oyage nama kiyanna".
Kid: "Mama L. B. Ratnayake".

Wee Jee Moo: "putha L. B. kiyanne mokak-da".
Kid: "Loku Banda".

Wee Jee Moo: "Meeta passay oya L. B. Ratnayake nemey, oya LoBa Ratnayake".

He asked another student
Wee Ja Moo: Putha kiyanna oyage sam-poorna nama
Kid: mage name PUlasthi Kankanamge Kapila Lucas Fernando
Wee Ja Moo: putha, ada indala oyage nama. Pu Ka KaLu Fernando
Another Kid: Sir mage nama K. N Aberatne. Key Kiyanna "Kumudu" N kiyanne "Nuwan" Kumudu Nuwan Aberatne
Wee Ja Mu: bohoma hondai puta, meeta passay oya Ku Nu Aberatne
anther student started Crying.. Kid Sir mage nama Yasitha Kosala Marasinghe.. Yaluwo meeta passe mata kiyavi YaKo marasinghe Kiyala
Likewise the whole class was gone thru, first scribbling the new name on a paper and then getting it to the Over Head Projector. Then he remebered the teacher.
Wee Jee Moo: "Aahh, guruthmiyage nama ahanna beriwunaney".
Teacher: "H. K. M. D. Siriyawathie".
Wee Jee Moo: "Nehe, ehema nevey - sampoorna nama kiyanna".
Teacher: "HUnnasgiriya KAnkamam MUdiyanselage DAmayanthi Siriyawathie".

He tried out the new thing on a paper and just in time realised what a mess it would be on the Over Head Projector, and said, "Oyage nama parana vithiyata thiyamu".

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