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    One day a little boy approched his teacher and asked " miss mama hujja karala ennatha" and this clever teacher handled the situation very carefully and told the boy that its not a good language. and turned to other small kids in her classroom and said" Puthala Duwala kiyanna honda wachanayak, me Putha kiyaapu wachane wenuwata"
    For that there were several responses from several little kids and the last one kid said " Mama sinduwak kiyannatha" Teacher answered "anna eka hondai putha. Puthala Duwala meeta passe magen ahanna sinduwak kiyala ennatha kiyala" and the matter was solved.
    One day one little kid in that class who used to sleep on the bed with the parents on the sides wanted to urinate and woke up his father and wispered "mama sinduwak kiyannatha"
    For that father got so annoyed " pissutha lamayo than keeyada welawa me welawe sindu kiyanne naha"
    After ten miniutes the kids got unbearable and woke up more...

    In Sri Lanka we have this MP from Hali Ela, (presently minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana) W J M Lokubandara, who Sinhalised his initials to match whatever names he has, so now he is Wee Ja Moo Lokubandara. He had this programme in schools also to doctor initials.

    WeeJayMoo once had gone to a school armed with overhead projector OHP) etc, dislodged lady teacher and asked students thier names. Here is a conversation that he had,

    Wee Jee Moo: " oyage nama kiyanna".
    Kid: "Mama L. B. Ratnayake".

    Wee Jee Moo: "putha L. B. kiyanne mokak-da".
    Kid: "Loku Banda".

    Wee Jee Moo: "Meeta passay oya L. B. Ratnayake nemey, oya LoBa Ratnayake".

    He asked another student
    Wee Ja Moo: Putha kiyanna oyage sam-poorna nama
    Kid: mage name PUlasthi Kankanamge Kapila Lucas Fernando
    Wee Ja Moo: putha, ada indala oyage nama. Pu Ka KaLu Fernando
    Another Kid: Sir mage nama K. N more...

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