"Travel Agent Terms" joke

Old world charm - Room with no TV, radio and only 1 light.
Tropical - Rainy.
Majestic setting - A long way from town, at end of dirt road.
Options galore - Nothing is included in the price.
Secluded hideaway - Directions to locate unclear.
Some budget rooms - Sorry, already occupied.
Explore on your own - At your own expense.
Minutes From ??? - By Plane
Romantic - No Phone in room
Knowledgeable trip hosts - They've flown in an airplane before.
No extra fees - No extras available.
Bird Watchers Paradise - Your car's paint will never be the same
Nominal fee - Outrageous charge.
Standard - Sub-standard.
Deluxe - Barely Standard.
Superior accommodations- One complimentary chocolate, free shower cap.
All the amenities - Two chocolates, two shower caps.
Just Like Home - No Maid service.
Plush - Both top and bottom sheets, bed shakes.
Gentle breezes - In hurricane alley.
Light and airy - No air conditioning.
Picturesque - Theme park nearby.
24-hour bar - Ice cubes at additional cost (when available).

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