"Superman and Spiderman" joke

Superman and Spiderman
Superman and Spiderman are standing at a bar, Superman is looking a
bit down, - What's the matter? asks Spiderman. - Well to tell you the
truth, I haven't had "IT" for months and it's really getting to me, comes
the reply. - It's funny you should say that, on the way here I was
swinging past Wonder Womans flat and she was lying on her bed in the
altogether with her legs akimbo says Spiderman with a grin... - What do
you mean? asks Superman - Well with your powers you could dive in, do
the business and be out before she knows what hit her Spiderman
replies. - OK I'll do it........ Off he goes to Wonder Womans flat and
sure enough she's still lying on her bed as if waiting for something!! He
shoots through the window, does the job and flys back to the bar. -
Bloody hell says Wonder Woman, what was that? - I don't know - but
my arse is in pieces replied the Invisible Man

It's annual superheroes new years party. Batman and Spiderman are chatting.
All of a sudden the Hulk rushes in all red and perplexed.
"Whats up" asked Batman?
"Well i was upstairs looking for the toilet and i passed the bedroom and saw Wonder Women more...

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