"Speak To Rotary Club" joke

A Doctor was asked to speak to his Rotary Club and they asked if he would speak on sex and a happy marriage. He spoke and everyone thought he did a great job. He went home that night and his wife asked if he talked to the club? he said yes? she asked what his subject was? He thought he had better not tell her what he talked about so he said that he spoke on sailing. Next day his wife met one of the Rotary men at the store and he told her what a wonderful talk her husband had made, and told her that he sure was an expert on the subject.

A Rotary visitor to Japan told a joke lasting 2 minutes.
The interpreter then translated using only a few words. Everyone laughed. Afterwards the visitor asked the interpreter how he translated such a long joke so quickly.
"Well, I didn't think they would get the more...

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