"Silicon Valley Mottos" joke

Silicon Valley Mottos:
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Where quality is Job One-Point-One
Maurice Herlihy

H O N O R A B L E __M E N T I O N S

''It Compiles. Ship It''
Doug Sheppard

Artificial intelligence-when you just can't get the real thing
Nancy Ott

Sleep is for the weak
Robert Zazueta

I came, I saw, IPO
Andy Halushka

Go Public or Perish
John R. Wodziak

If at first you don't succeed, go for a second round
Rex Hill

Where the world comes to pay more for housing
Dana Spradley

Give me your contract-hired, your poor-before, your not-so-subtle badasses
Kimberly Green

Spinning sand into gold
Sue Clark

Lies, damned lies, and market caps
Alex Strasheim

Silicon Valley: commute, compute, commute
David Kenney

Come for the overtaxing work environment, stay for the unaffordable housing prices
Richard Kairis

Silicon Valley: It happened here first, yesterday
Kyri Sparks

Thank you for holding. Our next available technical support representative will be with you shortly
Kurt Gray

God bless the early adopters
Eli Neiburger

Go public or get out of the way
Jack Lizmi

Upgrade or perish
Allan Ross Kreuiter

We don't just make your computer, we make your computer obsolete!
Steve Roche

Silicon Valley Population:
Karin Newton

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