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    Silicon Valley Mottos:
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    W I N N E R
    Where quality is Job One-Point-One
    Maurice Herlihy

    H O N O R A B L E __M E N T I O N S

    ''It Compiles. Ship It''
    Doug Sheppard

    Artificial intelligence-when you just can't get the real thing
    Nancy Ott

    Sleep is for the weak
    Robert Zazueta

    I came, I saw, IPO
    Andy Halushka

    Go Public or Perish
    John R. Wodziak

    If at first you don't succeed, go for a second round
    Rex Hill

    Where the world comes to pay more for housing
    Dana Spradley

    Give me your contract-hired, your poor-before, your not-so-subtle badasses
    Kimberly Green

    Spinning sand into gold
    Sue Clark

    Lies, damned lies, and market caps
    Alex Strasheim

    Silicon Valley: commute, compute, commute
    David Kenney

    Come for the overtaxing work environment, stay for the more...

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