"Short Halloween Jokes 10" joke

Q: Where do ghosts take their dirty coats?
A: To a dry-screamers.
Q: What did the phantom on guard duty outside the haunted castle say when he heard a noise?
A:' Halt! Who ghosts there?'
Q: Why was the shy ghost frightened of going to the opticians' party?
A: Because he thought he might make a spooktacle of himself.
It was a graveyard romance. Boy meets ghoul.
Q: What music do ghosts like?
A: Haunting melodies.
Q: How did the two ghosts fall in love?
A: It was love at first fright.
Q: On what day do ghosts play tricks on each other?
A: April Ghoul's Day.
Q: Where can you catch a ghost train?
A: At a mainfestation.
Q: Why did the female ghoul like demons?
A: Because demons are a ghoul's best friend.
Q: What do you call a female ghost who serves drinks and food on a' plane?
A: An air ghostess.
Some years ago I tried to become a ghost writer. But I couldn't find any ghosts who wanted me to write for them.

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