"New Mexican" joke

There was a mexican that had just came to America. He did not know any english what so ever. Well the very first night he was in the USA he went to an opera. The lady was singing "me, me, me, me". The mexican remebered that. Then he went to a restraunt and rembered the waiter asking him if he wanted some forks and knives. Then when he went home he seen the glade comercial and remembers it saying "plug it in, plug it in". The next day a cop came to his door and told him that his neighbor had been stabbed to death. The cop asked if he knew he killed him and he said "me, me, me, me". The cop said" well what did you kill him with?" The mexican said "forks and knives, forks and knives". The cop took him to jail and sentenced him to the death penalty. When the mexican was sitting in the electric chair the man doing the procedure asked him if he had any last words. The mexican thought for a little bit and said "plug it in, plug it in"

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