"Laxatives - Kosher or not" joke

Mrs. Goldberg went to the doctor because she hadn't been "regular" in quite some time. The doctor examined her, found nothing unusual and attributed her problem to her diet and her age. He recommended that she take a laxative.
"Doctor," Mrs. Goldberg admonished him, "remember - I'm kosher. Whatever you prescribe for me MUST be kosher!"
"Mrs. Goldberg," he replied, "I want you to take Serutan and don't worry, it's kosher."
"You're sure, doctor? You're absolutely positive it's kosher? Because if it's not kosher, I can't take it and I'd be very upset to find out it wasn't kosher!"
"Mrs. Goldberg," the doctor assured her, "of course it's kosher. Serutan spelled backwards is NATURES and what could be more kosher than nature?"
Reassured, Mrs. Goldberg left the office. Two weeks later, Mrs. Goldberg came storming into the doctor's office. "Doctor!" she screamed, "I'm so angry at you! I'm going to sue!"
"What's wrong Mrs. Goldberg? What's the matter?" the doctor asked, very concerned.
"That medicine you told me to take - it's NOT kosher!" replied Mrs. Goldberg. "Of course it's kosher Mrs. Goldberg," replied the doctor. "It's called Serutan, and serutan spelled backwards is natures. What could be more kosher than nature?" repeated the doctor.
"Well doctor," Mrs. Goldberg answered indignantly, "Serutan spelled backwards may be natures, but taking Serutan gave me such gas! And FART spelled backwards, is TRAF!" For the Yiddish-impaired, "traf" (pronounced' trafe') means UN-KOSHER!

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