"Jungle Bells!" joke

Here we are on Guam.
Without a hope of snow.
But though the spreading palms.
A typhoon sure can blow.
Santa Clause will know,
What the tropics will allow.
Instead of riding eight reindeer,
He'll ride a carabao.

Ohh, Jungle Bells, coconut shells,
Sticker burrs all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a two wheeled carabao sleigh.

Be watchful everyone
He'll send a telegram,
That today he'll be on Guam.
Send out by Uncle Sam
Santa will be here
To see what you have done
So let's all greet him. Ha! Ha! Ha!
And join him in the fun.

Sent to me by a Guamanian friend...
Tis the night before Christmas
and Santa's relaxed.
Guam's surf is up-
Santa's surf board is waxed.
The Zories are hung
by the Aircon with care,
And the Kiddies all know
Santa soon more...

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