"Centipedes, Slugs and Snails" joke

A snail, a slug and a centipede were spending a day together at the snail's house. It was decided that one of them should go out and get some drinks.

The snail said, "I can't go, it will take me all night." The slug said, "I could go, but if it rains, I haven't got anything to protect me."

With this, they both look at the centipede.

The centipede said, "Okay, okay, I'll go," and he walked out the door.

An hour passed and the centipede wasn't back yet. Another hour and still no sign of him. When another hour passed, the snail and the slug began to worry about the centipede and decided to go look for him.

When they opened the front door, they saw the centipede. They asked, "What are you doing?"

The centipede said, "I'm still putting my shoes on."

Knock knock?
Who's there?
Howie who?
Howie gonna figure this out?


all we need to do is put a flashlight to your hairline then we will get the batmat symbol


In my own words: "I was flying from SFO to PDX on Friday, and the flight attendant reading the flight safety information had the whole plane looking at each other like' what the heck?' (Getting PDX people to look at each other is an accomplishment.) So once we got airborne, more...


Whats adefenition of a slug
A.a snail with a housing problem


A man hears a knock at his door, opens it but doesn't see anyone.
He glances down, sees a snail there and being the conscientious gardener he is, tosses the snail across the road, into a field, away from his property.
Ten years go by, and one day the man hears a knock at more...

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