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    Skirts are better ventillated, making you more comfortable, and possibly less prone to infertility and impotence.
    No more caught zippers (or things caught painfully in zippers).
    You have a better choice of colours, styles, and fabrics with skirts,
    So much more convenient for making love in the open air
    No more trousers getting caught in your bicycle chain; throw those trouser clips away!
    No more white legs when you strip off to swim
    You too can learn to double cross your legs like your wife or girlfriend; Give your boss something else to think about while he lectures you about your poor results.
    Erections can be more easily disguised under the folds, and more easily acted upon when the moment is right.
    You're a new man feminist? Great! then you'll WANT to identify with your female friends/partner(s); learn to share skirts with them; go on buying expeditions together; no need to stop at the door of the underwear department either!
    Beat that prejudice more...

    As the young couple parked in a crowded lovers' lane, she sighed romantically: "It's lovely out here tonight-just listen to the crickets." "Those aren't crickets," her date replied. "They're zippers."

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