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    A stuttering man finally decides to go to the doctor to see if his speech
    impediment can be cured. The doctor thoroughly examines the man and finally
    asks him to drop his pants.
    Out comes this gigantic dick and the doctor pronounces the root of the problem
    to be strain on the vocal chords from the effects of gravity being transmitted
    up to the neck area.
    The patient then asks, "wh-wh-at c-c-ca-an b-b-e d-d-done ab-b-bout- t-t i-i-
    t?" to which the doctor replies, "modern surgery can work miracles. We can
    replace your dick with one of normal size and the stuttering will disappear
    right after the operation."
    The patient eagerly agrees to the surgery, and as promised his stuttering
    About 3 months later the man returns to the doctor and complains, "doctor, I
    am grateful to you for having cured me, but my wife really misses a big dick,
    and rather than lose her I've decided to get my old dick back more...

    A guy walks into a doctor's office and says "D-D-Doctor, I h-have a s-stuttering p-p-problem."
    The doc notices a big bulge in the guys crotch and says "Let's have a look." The doc is shocked to see that the guy has a 17" schlong.
    "What you have is Stutterus Schlongus. I can cure your stuttering by cutting off 10 inches."
    The guy says "okay" and the operation is done on the spot.
    The next day the guys says "Doc, my wife left me because of the operations. I don't care if I stutter, I want my schlong back!"
    The doc looks at the floor and says "It's t-t-too l-l-late!!!"

    One day a man went to the doctor's office with a stuttering problem.
    "Hhhey dddocc, ccann yoou hhhelp mmmee wwwithh mmmmy st-st-uttering ppproblem?"
    The doc replied, "Sure. Sit down."
    The doctor then examined the man and in a low voice he told the man, "Your penis is so bit that the sheer weight of it is pulling on your vocal cords, and therefore causing you to stutter."
    "Iiss ttthere aaannnyytthing tthat yyou ccan dddooo ttoo ffixxx iiit?", asked the man.
    "I can surgically remove about 8 inches," replied the doctor.
    The guy said, "Ddddoo wwhattever yyyou ccan tto hheelp mmme bbbeeccaauusse tthhis ststutterinngg iiss ddrrivviinngg mmee ccrrazzyy."
    So the doc goes through with the opperation, and his stuttering stops. Two months later, the man comes back to the doctor's office with a question.
    "Hey doc, the operation helped my stuttering, but my sex life sucks. Can you reverse the more...

    Guy goes into a bar. Bartender says "what'll ya have, fella?"

    Guy says: "S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-scotch n-n-n-n-n-n s-s-s-s-s-soda."

    Barkeep fills the order, hands it to the guy, who says "th-th-th-th-th-thanks."

    Barkeep leans over the counter, motions to the guy, looks left & right, and whispers "Friend, I know this ain't none of my business, but you know, I used to stutter a whole lot. But my wife found the cure. You interested?"

    "Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sure|" says the Guy. Barkeep looks again, left & right.

    "My wife heard about this cure: she performed all *kinds* of magical, passionate, kinky sex on me and with me and I was cured right then and there"

    Guy thanks the bartender, tips him generously, and leaves. A week later the guy comes back into the bar.

    "What'll it be tonight, Friend?" asks the barkeep.

    Guy: "Yes, my good man, more...

    One day, a guy with a horrible stuttering problem went to his doctor. "D-d-d-docter, is t-t-t-there anything t-t-that you c-c-c-can do for my stuttering?"

    "Hop on to the table, and I'll give you an exam."

    After the physical was over, the doctor told his patient that he thought he knew what the cause of his problem was.

    "It seems that your penis is too long. There is a simple surgery that can be done to correct it, but your sex life might be greatly affected."

    "I d-d-d-don't c-c-c-care. I'll d-d-d-do anyt-t-thing it t-t-takes."

    So the man went in for surgery, and it was sucessful. He came back into the doctor's office a couple of weeks later.

    "Doctor, I don't stutter anymore, but my girlfriend's really mad at me. Do you think that there's any way to get it reattached?"

    "I d-d-d-don't t-t-t-think s-s-s-so"

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