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Once there was a fan maker in a Burmese village. Everyday, he sold out many fans to his villagers. The reason why his fans were so popular was because of the Chinese characters on his fans. One day, his close friend visited him and interviewed him. "Ko Toke, I heard that your fans are so popular here. Many people even called your fans as Chinese fans. Where did you buy and sell them back?". The fan maker said, "Well, I make them myself.". His friend amazed and asked "But you don't understand Chinese language. How could you write the Chinese character?". Then the old men replied, "O! it is not difficult. Sometimes, I go to the Chinese cemetery near our village and imitate some Chinese characters on the tombs.": )

Coffee maker
[My thanks to Hilary for the following]
Maurice and Becky are arguing over who should brew the coffee each morning.
Becky says, "As you get up first in the morning, Maurice, you should make it. Then we won`t have to wait too long for our coffee."
"But you’re in charge of all the cooking," replies Maurice, "that’s your job, so you should make it. And if I have to wait for my coffee in the morning, well, I don`t mind."
"But it says in the bible that the man should make the coffee," says Becky
"OK, responds Maurice, "if you can show me where it says that, I’ll never question you again."
Next day, Becky borrows a bible from her neighbour and shows Maurice that on the top of several pages it indeed says ‘Hebrews’.

Blonde Cousin Ellen has always been the world's worst when it comes to getting instructions mixed up. When she got married her husband bought her a fancy, electric coffee maker that had all the latest gadgets on it.
The salesman carefully explained how everything worked: how to plug it in, set the timer, go to bed and upon rising, the coffee is ready.
A couple of weeks later, Ellen was back in the store and the salesman asked her how she liked her new coffee maker.
"It's wonderful," she replied. "There IS one thing I don't understand though. Why do I have to go to bed every time I want to make a pot of coffee?"

Chocolate maker Nestle announced Monday that it will purchase weight loss product maker Jenny Craig Inc. for $600 million.

The large investment is an attempt to further Nestle’s health and wellness programs, as well as the latest chess move in a continuing effort by big business to ensure that Jenny Craig spokeswoman Kirstie Alley remains fat.

A woman entered a department store and told the clerk that she wanted to return a coffee maker for refund because it didn't work. The clerk told her that he couldn't give her a refund because she bought it on special.
All of a sudden the woman threw her arms up and yelled, "Grab my Breasts! Grab my breasts!"
The clerk didn't know what to do, so he called the store manager who asked her if he could help.
She explained that she wanted to return the coffee maker for refund because it didn't work, and he told her that he would not give her a refund because she bought it on special.
Once again she yelled, "Grab my breasts! Grab my breasts!"
The manager was taken aback and asked her why she was yelling that particular phrase.
She replied, "Because I like my breasts grabbed when I'm getting screwed!"

The change maker
Freda was looking very sad whilst talking to her best friend Kitty. "Ever since we got married, Robert has been trying to change me. That’s all he seems to do. He got me to stop drinking, cut down significantly on my smoking, and he stopped me going shopping at Brent Cross at all hours of the day. He taught me how to dress well, how to enjoy the fine arts, he got me to enjoy gourmet cooking, classical music and recently how to invest in the stock market. He even sent me to Hebrew Classes."
On hearing this, Kitty said, "Sounds like are just a little bitter because Robert spends so much time trying to change you."
"I`m not bitter, " said Freda. "Now that I`m so improved, I find he just isn`t good enough for me any more."

Dangerously overweight film maker Michael Moore's latest movie attacks American health care by showing viewers a dangerously overweight film maker.