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    Ya momma is so ugly that when she went to Japan everybody yelled "GODZILLA"!

    In the "You asked for it, You got it." category...More bad news for Toyota- a reported problem with the brakes on their Prius Hybrid. The good news -the Prius doesn't go fast enough for the brakes to be a major issue.

    What's the least popular detergent in Japan?

    A Japanese lunar orbiter will slam into moon this week. The Japanese had actually lost contact with the orbiter and it didn't know the mission was over.

    This speaks a lot about the Japanese quality standards and also cultural misunderstandings. They're still laughing about this at IBM. Apparently the computer giant decided to have some parts manufactured in Japan as a trial project. In the specifications, they set out that they will accept three defective parts per 10,000 . When the delivery came in there was an accompanying letter. "We, Japanese people, had a hard time understanding North American business practices. But the three defective parts per 10,000 have been separately manufactured and have been included in the consignment. Hope this pleases you."

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