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    In 1873, a team of German explorers and their three dogs decided to penetrate the heart of the South American jungle. After twelve years, they had set up a fort in an Incan town, the centerpiece of which was a large idol with a huge ruby for an eye.

    The German church had sent out their best man, Friar Wilhelm Werks three times to check on the progress of the fort, and each time the appearance of the idol had sent him into fits of screaming, complete with shouts, curses, and rending of garments. Each time, he screamed so loud that he sent the dogs running for cover. And each time, he left with a warning that the next time he visited, the idol had better be torn down.

    The commander of the fort, Hans Brickner, received a message that Friar Werks would be coming to visit again in a fortnight. He quickly called a meeting with his top commanders. All five agreed that the Friar would explode when he saw the idol still standing.

    "But," said Commander more...

    Thousands of young hopefuls lined up at Continental Arena yesterday with dreams of becoming the next'American Idol'. Many were reduced to tears when they learned that Simon thinks they suck ass. This season, American Idol is offering wannabes a second chance, it's called talent.
    The young lady, pictured above, try to get the attention of producers by writing American Idol on her breasts. Sadly, that effort was wasted on Ryan Seacrest.

    "We're still on the road to World War III. Things were looking a little grim last week - all those countries pressuring us to call for an immediate cease-fire, but we stayed strong. Sure, we sent over Condi Rice to negotiate, but she's not there for cease-fire. No, she's there for 'sustainable cease-fire,' which considering the Middle East, is like sending her to bring back Jimmy Hoffa on a unicorn." -Stephen Colbert
    "Yesterday Condoleezza Rice went into President Bush's office and said, 'I'm off to Lebanon.' And President Bush said, 'Vacation?'." -Jay Leno
    "Saddam Hussein has been on a hunger strike for seventeen days. They had to nurse him back to health with a feeding tube to get him healthy enough so he can go back on trial. And then be put to death. It is an odd thing. Two years ago, we were dropping ten thousand pound bombs on the guy. Now we're feeding him nutrients through a tube. No wonder he's confused." -Jimmy Kimmel
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    American Idol alumni offer advice to thousands of hopefuls.
    "Be yourself," advised Carrie Underwood, "and don't sleep with the camera man, he has herpes."

    American Idol's Adam Lambert says he's gay. Ryan Seacrest has said, "I probably should stop making out with him then?"

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