"Words of Advice" joke

Never buy a toothbrush at a yard sale.
Never buy a parachute that was used once and never opened before.
Never sell computers for free at your garage sale. Trust me, there are many more ways to demolish your house.
Never put bathroom humor up on the internet.
Never watch American Idol auditions with Coke in your mouth.
Never watch American Idol auditions without a couple of aspirins.
And never, ever catch your grandparents taking a shower.
All of these words of advice were found out by first-hand experience.If you want to meet the guy brave enough to try all of these "stunts" out, go to the Almont Graveyard in Stamfort, Michigan and visit the grave entitled:"Dave 'Daredevil' Deatson". Or visit his grandparents in jail on Alcatraz Prison, California.

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