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    I'm not making this up. This is almost as good as the
    "Nintendo Cereal System." Everything after this sentence is
    quoted from a coupon offer in the San Francisco Chronicle
    of Sunday June 25, 1989 from Kraft foods and referencing a
    copyright of Paramount Pictures Corporation.
    Get your One-of-a-Kind
    Star Trek V (the final frontier)
    Kraft Marshmallow Dispenser
    Experience the 23rd century with a one-of-a-kind, futuristic
    marshmallow dispenser. It holds up to four KRAFT Jet-Puffed
    Marshmallows. Its dual action lever opens and dispenses the
    marshmallows in a single motion. The dispenser also comes
    with a durable plastic fork and spoon, making it ideal for
    camping trips. It can be clipped to a belt or almost anything.
    The official marshmallow of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise.(TM)

    A 17th Century captain was sailing along with his crew when a pirate ship came over the horizon. The captain says, "Cabin boy, get me my red shirt." So, he gets his red shirt and they victoriously battle the pirates. Several days later, they spot another pirate ship off the port bow. "Cabin boy," says the captain "get me my red shirt." They again battle the pirates and are victorious. Later when things had settled down, the cabin boy asks, "Captain, why do you always want your red shirt just prior to battle?" The captain responds, "Well, in case I am inflicted with a wound, I don't want the crew to see my injury and lose spirit." "I see," says the cabin boy. A few days later, they sight 20 pirate in the distance the captain yells out, "Cabin boy, get me my brown pants."

    T-shirt in the 21st century - "Disco still sucks"

    Recently, on an outing with my scout troop, the question came up of when the new millenium will begin--January 1st 2000 or 2001. So the Scoutmaster explained that each century begins with year "1" and ends with year "100"-thus the reason why the 20th century began at the start of 1901 and will end at the close of 2000. To illustrate his point, he gathered 15 berries and asked the boys how many he had. Each boy correctly answered "15". His next question was, "Now which berry is number' 0'?" To which one boy blurted out, "The one that isn't there!"

    Gilchrist and Sangakkara
    The ICC 2007 World Cup final between Sri Lanka and Australia is now history and another traingular series of matches coming ahead.
    There has been loads of articles published, wide range of views expressed and many postmortems by various individuals, including past and present cricketers held.
    I have been carefully reading all the stuff, including our own' on-the-spot' reports filed by veteran cricket writer Dr. Elmo Rodrigopulle, the only Sri Lankan English journalist to cover the entire tournament.
    Whilst thinking of all those action paced episodes from the Caribbean for nearly two months, I had a dream.
    Yes! That was a dream final.
    Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardena won the toss and elected to bat first in a final curtailed to 38 overs per side due to morning rain. Sri Lanka made a commanding total of 281 for 4 in their allocated 38 overs. The architect of the massive Lankan total was none other than wicket keeper batsman more...

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