heheheh's Jokes


there were three young poly boys on a road trip a samoan a tongan and a maori .. the tongan and maori wer in the back seet while the samoan was driving ..
the samoan lost controll and of the wheel and hit a tree ... all threee polly boys died .. they all got too the gate of heaven and st peter gose too them ,"there is only one rule you must no!! the boys replied oohh yes .. st peter said to them DONT TOUCH THE GOLDEN GOOSE.. and so the maori walks in acting all hard thn al a sudden few minute later the maori touched the golden goose.. nd jst remembered' OH SHIT" the maori ended ubb with the uggliest gurl in the world ..
next the tongan walks in nd feels fresh and welcome "im finally home ..nd as he walks around he saw tthe maori nd gosse siana ur gurl looks like a hippo bro .. the tongan walks around lauphing nd tripps over the golden goose nd gets ubb " ooh shit" tongan ended upp with a gurl more ugglier than the maoris gurls.. and soo the more...