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    Chota Miyan marries a naive young desi (country) londi (girl). On their Shaab-e-Aroosi (wedding night), he shows her his lund (penis) and tells her he's the only man to have such a thing.

    Time passes by and after a few months, they are in bed one night when she grabs his organ & remarks, "You were lying when you told me you were the only man to have one of these. I've discovered that Ravana-Lingam from the Shudra Mohalla (neighbourhood) also has one as well."

    Chota Miyan thinks quickly and replies, "Oh yes, that was a spare one I had, so I gave it to him."

    "Oh Mehboob (darling)," she sighs. "Why did you have to give that Dravidian Admi (man) the biggest and best one ?"

    A Dravidian man falls asleep in a coconut grove. After a while a gigantic Kerala King Cobra slowly crawls along his legs & into his lungi (loin-cloth). Putting its head through an opening in front, the black serpent rises & spreads its fangs. Just as it is about to strike him in the face, the sleeping Dravidian man wakes up. Puzzled, he exclaims, "My horny South Indian King Cobra, I knew you were Big, Black & Dravidian! But from where did you get those bright green eyes ?"



    1. Q: What do Aryan Boys call a Dravidian Man living in the North?
    A: Cho-ka-Lingam or Chokka-Lingam ("Six Penises"), six times their own penis size!
    2. Q: What do Aryan Women call a Dravidian Man living in the North?
    A: Chokka-Lingam, six times the penis size they are used to!
    3. Q: What do Dravidian Men & Women call a Dravidian Man living in the North?
    A: Chokka-Lingam, six times the penis size of the local Aryan Boys!
    4. Q: What do Dravidian Women call an Aryan Boy living in the South?
    A: Ardha-Lingam, half the penis size they are used to!

    Mid-Wife: Moolla Sahib, Your Bibi (wife) just had Triplets.
    Moolla Do-Pyaza (ogling Mid-Wife): No Wonder! My Zubb (penis) is as Big as a Minar!
    Mid-Wife (unimpressed): Then Your Safed Minar (White Tower) Must be Still Much Smaller than those Dravidian Char-Minars, because all Her Children are Kala (black)!
    Moolla Do-Pyaza (shocked & ashamed): Ya Allah!
    Mid-Wife: You should be happy I only compared Length. Had I compared Weight or Volume, then the Dravidian Man has a Dass-Minar (Ten-Tower) compared to you Aryan Londas (Boys)!

    Sardar Joginder Singh boards a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. As he settles in, he glances up & sees a gorgeous woman board. She heads straight towards him & takes the seat next to his. Eager to talk to her, he asks, "Business trip or vacation ?"
    She smiles & says, "Business. I'm a sexologist, and I am going to the annual Sexologists' Convention."
    He swallows & calmly asks: "What is it about?"
    "It will debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality."
    "Really ? What m-myths are those ?" he asks.
    "Well," she explains. "One popular myth is that Sudanese Men are the best endowed when, in fact, it is Dravidian Men who have the largest average penis size in the world. Another popular myth is that Frenchmen are the best lovers on the planet, whereas actually it is Bengali Men."
    Suddenly she becomes a little uncomfortable and blushes. "I'm sorry," she says, "I more...

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