"You Know You Watched Too Much Dragonball Z When..." joke

You set yourself on fire and yell "Kaioken!" in an attempt to use the Kaioken, and immediately get burned to death. You exercise with tons of weights on your body and tell all your friends that you're trying to turn into a Super Saiyajin. You buy 7 large marbles and try to summon Shenlong, the Eternal Dragon. You and all of your friends believe that the school bully is Frieza. After getting beat up by the school bully, you tell your friends to just wish you back with the Dragonballs. You tear a pair of glasses in half, paint it green, tape it to one side of an earmuff and wear it over your ear as you walk down the street laughing and pointing at everyone as if they had low power level. When you play Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 you chase down your friends in Multiplayer saying "I'm coming to get you, Kakarot!" (this one I actually did ^_^). You tell everyone you know that you have a tail and you've had it since birth. When you go to the gym at school you ask the teacher where the Gravitron is. You buy a 10 lb. bag of Jellybeans thinking you're getting a good deal on Senzu Beans. You dye your hair purple and buy a Broadsword thinking you're Trunks (strangely, I have the feeling that some people do this...). Whenever you have to go somewhere you always jump into the air repeatedly thinking you can fly there. You think that getting sent to detention means being sucked into the Deadzone. You believe that New York City is actually East City. You think that the Hawaiian holiday King Kamehamea Day is a day where everyone is taught the Kamehamea or practices it.

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