"Top Ten Reasons Why The Movie "Bombay" Should Be Banned In Bombay" joke

10. The Hero and Heroine fall in love without first having a fight 9. The Hero doesn't sing "mere pyaari behana" to his sister, neither does she get raped nor does she get married off to some goon who ill treats her. 8. The Hero actually asks the Heroine to elope with him instead of confronting her father and finally winning him over. 7. The Hero's bachelor friends at work do not get to come home and enjoy a meal cooked by the newly wed bride, with one of them ogling at her with evil intentions. 6. Since the Hero and Heroine get married very early in the movie, they should have known that something was going to go wrong and should have taken due care. 5. The movie is called "Bombay" but we don't get to see even one overflowing electric train. (It is like Ice station Zebra with no Zebras around) 4. Hero/Heroine do not have enough friends or relatives for a final group shot. 3. The Hero's children are ignorant about religion because the director forgets to include a scene where the Hero or Hero's father has a table with a Bible, a Koran and a Bhagwad Gita. 2. The Heroine forgets to teach her children the family re-unification song, when separated we see the kids helpless not knowing what to do unlike their more well bred counterparts from other films. and 1. "Rabert! Agar aam janta, marra marri karne lage, tho humme kaise phillummo me chance millega"

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