"Thanksgiving" joke

it was the night before thanksgiving
and tara was in bed when she heard her parents call each other bitches and basterds.
so she went to their room and asked her dad
"dad whats a bitch?" and her dad said"its what all women are." then she went to her mom and asked "mom whats a basterd?"and her mom replied "its what all men are." then tara went back to bed. the next day was thanksgiving and tara and her parents were at the market when her dad put down some condoms "daddy what are condoms?" and her dad said "its what all men have." then tara went to her mom and saw her with a box of tampons and asked her mom "what are tampons?"and her mom said"its what all women have." now there back at home and there waiting for their family to come over .so tara went to see what her dad is doing.so she went to the bathroom and saw her dad shaving when he cut himself and yelled "SHIT!" so tara asked her dad "what
does shit mean?" but her dad didnt answer
so tara went to the kitchen and saw her mom carving the turkey when she slipped and cut herself and shouted out"FUCK!" then tara asked her mom "mommy what does fuck mean?" but her mom didnt answer.
then the doorbell rang, it was her aunts and uncles. so she opened the door and said"hello bitches and basterds may I take your tampons and condoms?" "tara wheres your parents?" her aunt said in shock.and tara replied "oh my dads in the bathroom getting the shit off his face and my moms in the kitchen fucking the turkey."

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